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Postnuptial agreements are legal contracts that married couples create to address an allocation of their assets and liabilities during the marriage and may also include an agreement in case of death or divorce. If you and your partner wish to outline the allocation of joint or separate assets and/or address estate issues, a postnuptial agreement might suit your needs. 

At Leinoff & Lemos, our Miami postnuptial agreement lawyers possess extensive legal experience and excel in crafting enforceable contracts that stand strong in court. Let our Board-Certified family law specialists lead the way for you.

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Requirements of a Valid Postnuptial Agreement in Florida

Postnuptial agreements are valid, legally binding, and can be upheld if they adhere to all the specific requirements outlined by Florida law. In Florida, these agreements are governed by Florida case law.

Key requirements of a postnuptial agreement include:

  • Both spouses enter the agreement willingly, voluntarily, and freely,
  • There is full and complete financial disclosure,
  • The agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties, and
  • The agreement is made in good faith, without deceit, fraud, misrepresentation, or coercion

If you are considering creating a postnuptial agreement, don't hesitate to contact our team at Leinoff & Lemos. We can assist you in thoroughly assessing your unique circumstances to help align this agreement with your needs. Additionally, we can guide you through the process of drafting, reviewing, and finalizing your agreement.

Benefits of a Postnuptial Agreement

Postnuptial agreements offer married couples greater control over their assets and property in case of divorce or an unexpected death. They help establish property distribution, spousal support, debt responsibilities, and more. As such, they offer numerous advantages.

Benefits of a postnuptial agreement include:

  • Protecting an inheritance: When one partner anticipates a substantial inheritance, it's wise to establish clear terms on its distribution in case of a divorce or death.
  • Managing business interests: Should a divorce occur, a postnuptial agreement can protect the business interests of either or both spouses who are business owners.
  • Rebuilding relationships: Addressing these issues can sometimes serve as a means to preserve a struggling marriage.
  • Dividing financial interests: This may help alleviate pressures in a marriage where parties no longer agree on how marital assets are used or liabilities incurred.

Exploring the advantages of a postnuptial agreement can provide peace of mind and clarity in various situations. If you're interested in learning more, feel free to reach out to our team for more information and guidance.

Can You Write Your Own Postnuptial Agreement?

While it's possible to create a postnuptial agreement without a lawyer, it's crucial to recognize the risks and complexities involved beforehand. A postnuptial is a legally binding document with profound implications for your future. A mistake in this process can have significant consequences. 

By working with our Miami postnuptial agreement attorneys, you gain the experience needed to assess your circumstances meticulously and craft a postnuptial agreement tailored to your needs.

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