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Leinoff & Lemos is a divorce and family law firm that exclusively handles complex divorce cases, including those for high-net-worth individuals. We have a team of experienced attorneys who have handled multi-billion-dollar cases and cases for high-profile figures, including artists, celebrities, and professional athletes. We understand the unique challenges of high net-worth divorce, and we are committed to helping our clients protect their assets, their children, and their future in a confidential manner.

High-Net-Worth Matters We Handle

Our law firm offers comprehensive divorce services to high-net-worth couples, including:

Leinoff & Lemos have been partners for nearly 30 years. Our law firm has earned a reputation for successfully handling complex and challenging divorce cases and providing clients with the specialized representation they need. We strive to bring our clients innovative and flexible legal solutions that are responsive to their needs.  We also offer virtual consultations for your convenience.

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What are The Challenges of a High-Net-Worth Divorce? 

High-net-worth divorce cases can present unique challenges, such as the valuation and division of complex assets and disentangling intricate financial plans. Additionally, many of our clients involved in these types of divorce cases often have reputations and business interests to protect. Consequently, high net-worth divorces always require a delicate and studied approach. As such, when facing a high net-worth divorce, it is highly encouraged that you have specialized representation that understand the complexity of your situation and can provide a personalized approach that is focused on protecting you and your family’s best interests based on your unique circumstances.

Some examples of the challenges that high-net-worth couples may face when divorcing include:

  • Valuing assets: It can be difficult to accurately value assets such as businesses, real estate, and investments. This can be a complex and time-consuming process, and it may be important to have an experienced expert assist.  Additionally, there may be non-marital components to assets and liabilities, which must also be identified in determining the elements of the marital estate. 
  • Trust and Estate Considerations: The parties may have taken steps to establish trusts for estate planning purposes.  Evaluating the consequences of the trust establishments and estate plan in effect in the context of a divorce requires skilled and experienced counsel. 
  • Negotiating a settlement: It can be difficult to reach a settlement agreement, especially when there are significant assets involved. An experienced attorney can help evaluate your case and provide realistic and practical counsel to assist in evaluating the terms of a reasonable settlement.
  • Litigation: If the parties cannot reach a settlement, they may need to go to trial. Trial can be a costly and time-consuming process. However, at Leinoff & Lemos, our attorneys are skilled trial lawyers with years of litigation experience.
  • Tax implications: The tax implications of a divorce can be complex, especially for high net-worth individuals. In addition, non-U.S. residents divorcing in Florida may require additional expertise in dividing assets. It is important to consult with a tax advisor to understand the potential tax consequences of a divorce in conjunction with your divorce counsel.
  • Publicity: High net-worth individuals are often public figures or prominent in their communities, and their divorces may be subject to public scrutiny. Confidentiality considerations are important for many of our clients, and we are familiar with ways of maximizing confidentiality for our clients. 

Leinoff & Lemos is a client-focused law firm. When you hire us to help you through your divorce, you can rest assured that your case will be managed directly by the attorney you are working with. As a firm, we prioritize clear, honest communication, as we believe this is the foundation of a strong attorney-client relationship. No matter what you are dealing with, we are prepared to help you.

Complex Divorce Litigation 

In high-net-worth divorce cases, litigation is often necessary due to the complex nature of the assets involved. Complex divorce litigation refers to legal proceedings in which a case goes before a judge involving unusual financial issues or other related unique issues. Financial experts, appraisers, and attorneys must work together on these cases to meticulously evaluate complex financial portfolios and determine the appropriate valuation and distribution of property, including real estate holdings, investments, businesses, and other valuable assets.

Divorce litigation can be extremely time-consuming and costly, and if handled properly, it can easily jeopardize your future financial security. It is always recommended to secure legal representation, especially in high net-worth divorces where a significant amount of money is at stake. Our experienced team of Miami high net-worth divorce attorneys provides essential legal guidance, in-depth analysis, and strategic representation to clients involved in complex divorce litigation.

Avoiding Courtroom Litigation & Keeping Your Divorce Private 

When a divorce matter, like the valuation and division of property, is litigated in court, the proceedings become part of the public record. Public access to very personal information can be stressful for couples, especially those who may already be under public scrutiny, such as celebrities, professional athletes, and other public figures. Mediation, private judges, and arbitration may be options for those looking to keep their divorce proceedings more private. These options may allow both parties to work together, with a mediator or private judge to agree on issues, such as property division, children’s issues, and spousal support, outside of the courtroom.

Our law firm works diligently to help clients explore all their options when dealing with property division and other divorce-related disputes. We understand that every client's situation is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to divorce. We always help our clients determine which option is best for them and ensure they are fully informed throughout the process. Whether you are considering litigation, mediation, or a private judge, our team will guide you through every step of your high net-worth divorce case.

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At Leinoff & Lemos, we understand that going through a complex divorce can be a highly emotional and stressful time for anyone involved. However, having an experienced attorney who is familiar with handling high net-worth cases can make all the difference. Our team has a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in these types of cases, and three of our partners are Board Certified in Marital and Family law.

Having successfully handled countless cases involving high net-worth couples, we know what it takes to effectively protect our clients' rights and interests. With their extensive experience and knowledge, our attorneys can help you navigate the complexities of your divorce case and ensure that you come out on the other side with the best possible outcome. So, if you are looking for legal representation with extensive experience knowledgeable, look no further than Leinoff & Lemos.

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