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Relocation cases occur when divorced parents or separated parents with children have a dispute over one parents’ request to permanently move with the child to a new location, generally more than fifty miles from the child’s current residence. Relocation can be one of the most emotionally difficult cases as there is usually little room for compromise. Our team of attorneys offers customized guidance and representation to every client. Let us help you navigate the complex legal issues surrounding relocation cases.

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Understanding the Challenges of Relocation Cases 

Relocation cases are some of the most challenging cases that co-parents may face. Such cases arise when one parent intends to move to a different location with the child, thereby altering the child's relationship with the other parent. The relocating parent may have various reasons for the move, such as a new job, a new spouse, the opportunity for a better standard of living, and proximity to relatives, among others. In contrast, the non-relocating parent may object to the move, as it may substantially affect their parenting time or relationship with the child.

The court will consider several factors when determining if relocation is in the best interests of the child, including:

  • The distance of the proposed move
  • The reasons for the proposed move
  • The likely impact of the move on the child's relationship with the other parent
  • The child's age and maturity
  • The child's educational and social needs
  • The stability of the child's home life
  • The economic resources of the parents
  • The parents' ability to cooperate in parenting the child if the move is permitted

If the court finds the move is not in the child’s best interests, it may deny the parent's relocation request. Additionally, relocation cases typically involve other complex legal issues, such as jurisdictional matters, the application of state laws, and the interpretation of parenting plans or custody agreements and the financial impact of the move including the payment of transportation costs and how the move may impact child support.

When to Get an Attorney Involved in Your Relocation Case

As you can see, relocating with a child can be a daunting prospect, especially if the other parent objects to the proposed move and you have to present your case before a judge for a determination. If you are a parent seeking court permission to relocate with your child, it is strongly recommended that you seek the advice and representation of a skilled attorney. Not only can a competent attorney help you better understand the legal complexities of your situation, but they can also assist you in navigating the emotional and psychological aspects of your case.

An attorney can help parents in relocation cases by:

  • Understanding the law: Laws surrounding relocation are complex, and an attorney can help parents understand their rights and options.
  • Negotiating a settlement: In many cases, relocation disputes between co-parents can be resolved through negotiation. An attorney can help you negotiate a settlement that is fair and preserves your relationship with your child.
  • Representing parents in court: Often, the goal is to resolve a relocation case outside of court, but this is not always possible, especially if parents can’t effectively communicate or agree. If the case goes to court, an attorney can represent parents and advocate for their interests.

Having an attorney on your side can significantly increase your chances of success in court. Your attorney can help you present a strong case for relocation (or against, depending on your situation), gathering all necessary evidence, witnesses, and documentation to support your claim. This type of support from a qualified legal professional, like those at Leinoff & Lemos, can make a world of difference.

We Have Experience Managing Domestic & International Relocation Cases 

For over thirty years Leinoff & Lemos has been helping clients throughout the State of Florida. Over the years, we have helped clients defend against relocation and assisted clients in their efforts to relocate. We understand that relocating with a child can be a complex and emotional issue, and we are committed to providing our clients with the personalized attention and support they need to navigate the legal process and achieve a resolution for their situation. 
We understand how intimidating the judicial process can be, especially if you are worried about preserving your relationship with your children. Our law firm understands and has significant trial experience representing clients in relocation cases. In addition to having several attorneys who are Board Certified in Marital and Family law, we also take a client-first, hands-on approach. We tackle each case with an eye for the details and sensitivity. When the stakes are high, Leinoff & Lemos is here for you.

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